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Dry waste management

The accumulation of waste is a major problem in any country. Our waste management approach is very unique and the easiest way to dispose of dry waste and in return get paid as cash, waste points, or simply donate.                                       

We provide services to:

Corporates/Malls/Departmental Stores: All our services are performed professionally. We collect the waste, segregate & sort it before outsourcing it to authorized recyclers. 


  • Institutions: Most of the waste is managed ineffectively. We help institutions segregate waste at the source, spread awareness, and empower individual actions. 


  • Residents: Waste accumulation and proper storing facility lacks in the residential complex. We collaborate with residential complexes and help in the collection, storing & segregation of dry waste at the source. 


  • Industries: We collaborate with warehouses, factories to curate smart dry waste management practices at the premises, our data-driven approach with full transparency and traceability of the waste helps them fulfill their Compliances’s.

  • Butt Ballot

The Butt Ballot is an engaging solution to ensure responsible stubbing of cigarettes. The collection is done in an engaging manner that can be customized according to your requirement by providing venue-centric poll questions, gathering opinions, and creating talking points, etc. While simultaneously creating awareness and inculcating conditioning of stubbing responsibly in the smoker. The collected cigarettes are segregated into their components- tobacco, paper, and cellulose acetate (a derivative of plastic), and are outsourced to various recyclers. Size: average height 5ft with stand.


  • Butt Ballot

The Butt Bins are an economic and cheap solution to cigarette waste. The bins are made of discarded PVC pipes after upcycling them. These bins are typically installed at Tech parks, Office spaces with designated smoking zone, Malls, etc. Size: average height 3 feet with stand.

Cigarettes are carelessly flicked away which end up in our landfills or waterways where they leach harmful toxins like nicotine, arsenic, and lead into our environment for up to 12 years, which is how long they take to partially decompose. They are the number one contaminant of our oceans.

In our effort to manage cigarette waste, we offer products/ services, Butt Ballot & Butt Bins.


Cigarette waste management


Eco-friendly alternatives

Want to replace everyday essentials with eco-friendly alternatives Without any convenience, then check out our range of eco-friendly products which are upcycled and handmade specially curated by local artisans.

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