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Waste Wheel is an organization offering people the easiest and convenient way to dispose of their dry recyclable waste for cash/waste points/donate.
We provide free doorstep pick-up of dry recyclable raddi for offices, Institutions, households, Department stores, FMCG distributors. We further supply the recyclables to authorized recyclers. 

We provide a friendly, reliable, and fair process to recycle your raddi and also empower you to save the environment and give you the opportunity to support a cause just with your scrap!!

We work with Rag Picker’s and local Kabadiwala, through our collaboration we help them to improve work conditions, increase earning opportunities and help kabadiwala to get rid of loan burden and receive timely payment from authorized recyclers.



Our mission is to spread awareness on waste, methods of segregation at point source by creating awareness, promoting individual actions & empowering the youth. 



Our vision is to become an efficient and effective waste management solution provider to our stakeholders thereby creating a transparent & sustainable economy.

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